Supervision and Consultation

Supervision is an intimate, vulnerable, identity-forming mechanism of change.  Hence it is important that clinicians choose experienced supervisors who can both hold the personal turmoils most developing therapists feel while shaping scientifically sound and ethical decision making practices.  Clinical supervision is available to licensed and unlicensed MA, PhD, and PsyD providers. Here are some potential areas that supervision with Dr. Goldenberg can address:
  • Building a sustainable private practice from the ground up
  • Fee negotiations
  • Increasing gender competency
  • Marketing your practice
  • Step wise ethical dilemma strategies
  • Utilizing transference and counter transference
  • Developing empathy with difficult clients
  • Navigating conservative families with LGBTQ clients
  • Building client-centered treatment programs
  • Knowing when to refer out
  • Gaining clarity on your professional identity
  • Encouraging networking skills
  • Burn out resiliency
  • Navigating personal identity and professional role conflicts
  • Forming your advocacy practices
  • Setting healthy limits with clients