Workshops focused on serving the needs of transgender individuals and their families using evidence-based methods.

Dr. Goldenberg has provided trainings to the following agencies and venues:

  • North Thurston County School District
  • Nova School
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
  • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
  • University of Washington Department of Education
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • St. Martin’s University
  • University of Washington School of Psychiatry
  • Capital Region Educational District Services
  • Bethel School District
  • Group Health
  • (webinar)
  • Kitsap Mental Health Services
  • Columbia Valley Community Health Center
  • Senior Services for South Sound
62% of students who reported bullying to their K-12 administrator reported no actions were taken to intervene (GLSEN, 2013)
78% of adults who expressed a transgender identity while in grades K-12 reported harassment due to their gender expression (National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 2011)
Transgender students who are bullied at school are three times more likely than peers to avoid attending school (GLSEN, 2013)
It is estimated that up to 61% of transgender clients live with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Reisner, 2016)
In a national study of transgender adults, 50% of respondents reported having to teach their own medical provider about transgender care (National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 2011)

Teaching Philosophy

As a Licensed Psychologist, my mission is to build safer and more inclusive environments by training and consulting with healthcare professionals, employers, parents and educators about gender diversity. Trainings are developed with the intent of creating a cooperative, transparent, and energetic learning environment. I believe that effective teaching can unravel preconceived notions of gender by empowering participants to relate to gender non-conforming individuals and their families with empathy, affirmation, and respect.  As a former college Professor, I am experienced and comfortable with setting an open and cooperative tone in a classroom.  My learning events are highly experiential.  In addition to my knowledge of transgender health, I also am continuously learning best teaching practices and I am dedicated to cultivating culturally relevant and socially conscious pedagogy.


Specialized Workshops for Organizations:

Introduction to Working with Transgender Clients (Available as 4 hours or 6 hours)
This training is designed to increase the ability of health and mental health care providers to provide culturally competent care to their transgender and gender non-conforming patients. Through a series of interactive activities, participants will:
  • Master introduction of basic terminology and appropriate application of transgender inclusive language
  • Learn to assess for gender dysphoria and the variety of treatment options available
  • Identify the primary diagnosis for patients presenting with co-morbidities
  • Learn evidence-based approaches for effective work with families of gender nonconforming children
  • Understand the role of transphobia plays in the lives of gender non-conforming individuals and their families
Introduction to Gender Identity (Available as 1.5 hours or 3 hours)
This interactive learning experience is focused on gender identity, gender roles, and transgender identity. Through a series of interactive activities, participants will:
  • Recognize the role gender identity and gender stereotypes play in self perception, bias, and trans-discrimination
  • Understand the concept of transgender identity
  • Apply skills that enhance positive support of transgender people
Pride at Our School: Integrating Transgender Affirmative Education (Available as 3 hours)
This lively workshop can be suited for academic staff in K-12 settings. Using the latest research on how to improve academic success for transgender students, participants will:
  • Discuss gender identity from a developmental lens
  • Explore state and local laws which pertain to transgender students rights
  • Review how school staff can best work with families of transgender student
Bridging the Gap: Methods for Mental Health Professionals to Provide Medical Documentation for Gender Transition (Available as 3 hours)
This training is designed for mental health providers who wish to enhance their ability to support transgender clients. Medical gender transition is defined as any semi-permanent or permanent change to the body that is directly linked to the experience of being a transgender person. This workshop is advanced in content and we recommend completing our Introduction to Gender Identity as a pre-requisite. Through didactics, small group exercises, and case examples, participants will:
  • Become familiar with the two most commonly used approaches to documentation of gender transition
  • Articulate how the two models of documentation are most appropriately utilized
  • Understand the current role of the health insurance industry as a major factor in transgender health disparities
  • Learn what medical treatments are available for transgender people

Customized Programs:

Not seeing what you are looking for above?  Custom-built learning events are available.  Send an inquiry.

I attended one of the trainings, and it was wonderful!  This provider is a very skilled provider who also has a heart and a passion for this work.  The training gave me practical skills to take back as well as helped with the continued self-exploring that is needed to grow.  I would highly recommend this training!

– Raelean Hendrickson, LICSW

My students are future administrators who now understand how to more effectively work with LGBTQ kids and their families. The workshop was interesting and engaging. I definitely want to have Matt back!

– Kathleen Beaudoin, Associate Professor of Education,

University of Washington Tacoma

The training was incredibly helpful and one that is much needed for therapists. I learned about the different treatment options and how to best support transgender clients.

Matt is knowledgeable and provided a warm and supportive learning environment.

– Siobhan Budwey, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

The presenter has such a depth and breadth of knowledge on the subject! There was not a question he could not answer therefore we were able to explore the topic in depth. The experiential exercise helped to test an understanding and integration of new material into a current clinical toolkit.

– Cristina Mullen LICSW

Even as a trained clinician who works exclusively in trans communities, I walked away from this training with a greater depth of knowledge and confidence in my work as an advocate and mental health provider.

– Sean Seyer, LMHC

I really appreciated how attentive to the audience Matt is. He read the room right away and worked hard to get a true sense of what would be beneficial. Matt is so positive- he had us laughing and had cool activities for us to try that made the lessons much more memorable.

– Emily Harrol, LMHC

Matt’s training is one of the best trainings I’ve been to. The information continues to help me work with patients everyday.

– Andrea Donovan-Dupont, LICSW,

Member Services at Premera Blue Cross

Today, I was given permission to not have all of the answers for gender affirming mental health care. I was given permission to communicate what I need as a Social Worker to write “the letter.” I was validated for being in an incredible profession as a Social Worker and in a state that is inclusive.

-Lisa J. Smith, LICSW

Fantastic training! Excited to put ideas into practice!

-Rusty Barnett, LMHC

Current, clinical and comprehensive! Addressed many different aspects of mental health care and deepened my learning.

-Clare B., LICSW

This training was pure gold. My mind was blown with almost constant insights, learnings, light bulb moments; from transgender & gender diverse evidence-based science, material conditions of trans people’s lives, intersectionality with race, class, and other lived experience, to clinical wisdom and direction, emotionally and viscerally impactful information and materials, and personalized support. Matt was incredible. HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE!

-Alexandra Gobeille, LMHC

Take this training even if you don’t think you will work with transgender folks (you may be already) and it will make you a better human.

-Karen Kirsch, Somatic Movement Therapist