The assessment process is designed to help me answer questions about the possible causes of problems or distress that you may be currently experiencing and provide recommendations for care. It is not meant to be psychotherapy and will be time-limited and focused on the questions raised by the referral. The assessment process usually has the following two parts that require your participation: a structured interview, which normally takes between one and eight hours, and the administration of psychological testing, which normally takes from an hour and a half to eight hours. The times vary depending on how much information you have to share with me and the complexity of the issues being assessed.  I believe that assessment should focus on your strengths and should allow for you to tell your story.  I am particularly skilled in working with individuals from marginalized populations.

My experience includes:

  • Legislative Court Expert Witness
  • Federal Court Expert Witness
  • Civil Court Expert Witness
  • Court-mandated treatment evaluations
  • Personal and academic evaluations

Forensic services including court-related evaluation:

1. Court-related preparation including verbal or electronic communication with the legal team: $200 per hour

2. Travel from Olympia for court appearance: Driving mileage at $.50 per mile, meals and hotel (if applicable) are charged on a cost basis

3. Court room testimony, preparing affidavits, providing depositions (including time spent for travel and waiting to give deposition), court room testimony (including time spent for travel and waiting to testify), or any other legal work including any for which a subpoena is served: $300.00 per hour

4. Record review for legal case preparation: Review of any clinical, legal, or medical records provided by you, collateral contacts, your legal team, or your healthcare team is charged at $200 per hour

5. *Psychological evaluation testing, scoring, interpretation and write-up of evaluation and clinical recommendations (not including testimony) for court-related requests: $250 per hour

*Use of testing materials may require additional payment, all efforts will be made to estimate cost previous to completion of work.

Assessment Areas of Focus:

  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Risk to Self
  • Impact of Trauma
  • Gender Identity and Sexuality Concerns
  • All assessment services are available through telehealth for individuals age six and up.